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Our Expert Guide to Amber Cove: Top Activities, Safety Tips & More

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Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean? Then you have to make room for Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic, a jewel that you simply can't miss. Beyond its stunning natural beauty and rich local culture, this 30-acre private retreat offers something extra special.

Established exclusively for cruisers by Carnival and its affiliated companies in 2015, this delightful haven elevates the standard for Caribbean getaways. As we explore Amber Cove in-depth, you'll discover why its unique blend of natural wonders, vibrant culture, and local life makes it a must-visit spot.

What is Amber Cove Known for?

People in the ocean near Amber Cove. Amber Cove isn't just another port; it's a 30-acre cultural explosion with a salty sea breeze for good measure. Managed by Carnival, this spot has evolved into a must-see destination on their cruise routes.

Troves of Amber

The name, Amber Cove, is a bit of a tale. The island is rich with amber - that gold-of-the-sea, a semi-precious stone that's nothing more than tree sap that had a few million years to think about what it's done. The local artisans have a soft spot for it, turning it into keepsakes and jewelry that will make you wish you'd brought a bigger suitcase.

Puerto Plata’s History

Puerto Plata's history goes back to the 16th century. Think about the stories these streets could tell if they could talk. Amber Cove does its best to keep the conversation alive with architectural styles that run the gamut from Victorian to Colonial and Spanish. It's a melting pot of design that doesn't just house history but lives it.

More Than Just a Port

Getting off the ship, the world unfolds before you like a well-written novel. A pier leads you to a shopping district, its cobblestone plazas throwing you back in time, while the Aqua Zone, with its pool and cabanas, ensures that the modern world is right there, too.

A Dominican Culinary Adventure

The food, as you'd expect in this corner of the world, is an adventure in its own right. Local fare sharing table space with international cuisine, bars serving everything from classic cocktails to adventurous local brews.

The Breathtaking View

And let me paint you a picture of the view: As you venture inland, you'll be met with hills that play peekaboo with the clouds, while down below, the view of Amber Cove Dominican Republic, and the turquoise sea beyond is nothing short of breathtaking.

Amber Cove is more than a mere port, my friend. It's a sensory feast, a history lesson, and a testament to the world's wonders - all packaged into 30 dynamic acres. Don't just stop by. Live it, taste it, and I guarantee you'll leave with a story or two of your own.

Which Cruise Ships Visit Amber Cove?

Cruise ship. Amber Cove is solely accessible to ships of the Carnival Corporation. Carnival Cruise Line, which has played a pivotal role in promoting this tropical hideaway, regularly cruises into port with popular vessels like the Carnival Mardi Gras and the Carnival Breeze.

This exclusivity extends to other Carnival Corp siblings. Their prominent ships like the Regal Princess and Sky Princess, Princess Cruises, and Holland America Line’s vessels, such as the Nieuw Statendam and Eurodam, find a home in Amber Cove Dominican Republic. Even P&O Cruises and Costa Cruises, part of this exclusive family, add to the unique charm of this port.

Best Activities Near Amber Cove

Snorkeling with orange fish. Get ready to dust off those flip-flops and slather on the sunscreen because we're about to dive into the top nine activities near Amber Cove.

Zipline & Waterfalls of Damajagua

Looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure near Aber Cove? Dive into the heart-pounding Zipline & Waterfalls of Damajagua experience! Glide through the lush treetops on a series of thrilling ziplines, feeling the rush of wind against your face. But that's just the beginning.

After your aerial escapade, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Damajagua's cascading waterfalls. Let the cool, crystal-clear waters rejuvenate your spirit as you explore hidden pools and slide down natural chutes. It's nature's very own amusement park!

Touring Puerto Plata

Step back in time in the vibrant city of Puerto Plata. Its cobblestone streets, and Victorian houses are a delight to explore. Take advantage of the Fortaleza San Felipe, a 16th-century fortress with stunning views, and the Amber Museum, where you can see amber specimens over 25 million years old!

Ride the Teleferico Cable Car

For breathtaking views of the Dominican Republic, climb aboard the Teleferico. This cable car will take you up to the peak of Mount Isabel de Torres. At the summit, you'll find a botanical garden and a large statue of Christ, reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer.

Experience Ocean World Adventure Park

Ocean World isn't just a marine park. It's an experience. Swim with dolphins, sharks, and stingrays—Marvel at tropical birds, tigers, and iguanas. And when you're done, unwind at their beach or catch their spectacular sea lion show. It's a day of non-stop excitement!

Zip-Lining at Monkeyland

Monkey Jungle is a short drive from Amber Cove and offers a thrilling seven-line zip course that whisks you over a five-acre botanical garden. Remember to visit their monkey sanctuary, where you can feed and interact with adorable squirrel monkeys. It's an adrenaline-pumping, heartwarming experience all rolled into one!

Snorkeling at Sosua Bay

If you're keen on discovering underwater wonders, Sosua Bay is your spot. Just a boat ride from Amber Cove, its vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. With calm, clear waters, it's perfect for first-time and experienced snorkelers alike.

Rum Tasting at Brugal Rum Factory

No visit to the Dominican Republic is complete without sampling its famous rum. The Brugal Rum Factory in Puerto Plata lets you taste their premium products and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how their rum is made.

Shopping at the Amber Cove Port

After a day of adventures, unwind with some retail therapy at the Amber Cove Port. There's a wide variety of shopping options, from high-end boutiques to local craft stalls. Remember to pick up some amber jewelry as a keepsake!

Best Restaurants Near Amber Cove

Ready to explore the delicious side of the Dominican Republic? Whether you're a foodie looking for gourmet delights or a comfort food lover craving home-style cooking, Amber Cove has you covered. Here are my top five restaurants to savor near Amber Cove!

Le Papillon

No visit to Puerto Plata is complete without paying homage to this culinary temple. It's a rare find that beautifully marries traditional Dominican cuisine with modern cooking chops. Do yourself a favor and try their fresh seafood – it's a game-changer.

Kilometro Zero

This is your destination if you're after the real deal in local cuisine. This family-owned joint has earned its reputation for mouth-watering stews, succulent grilled meats, and desserts that'd make your grandma jealous. The place is steeped in rustic charm and local tunes, setting the mood for a homely meal.

Green Jack Restaurant

Right at the center of the Playa Dorada complex, this place boasts a medley of Caribbean, Mexican, and Mediterranean flavors. There's always a buzz here; the portions keep you satiated, and a decent range of options for our veggie-loving friends. Try their signature paella - you will be satisfied.

Mares Restaurant & Lounge

This high-end joint plates up dishes as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palate. Seafood is the star here, and with an open-air terrace offering ocean views, it's hard not to fall in love. Have you got a special date night? This is the spot.

Big Lee's Beach Bar

If you're in the mood for casual beachside dining, Big Lee's in Sosua is your spot. Known for its flavorful BBQ ribs and beach party vibe, it's a great place to kick back with a beer and soak up the Caribbean sun.

Staying Safe In and Around Amber Cove

Although the Dominican Republic is generally safe for tourists, taking necessary precautions, as with any travel destination is important.

Keep your belongings secure, especially in crowded areas. It's a good idea to leave valuable items and excess cash in your cruise ship cabin or hotel safe. When exploring, stick to well-known tourist areas and avoid isolated places, especially after dark.

Hiring licensed tour operators for excursions is highly recommended to ensure safety and quality of experience. Also, don't forget sun safety – the Caribbean sun is strong, so wearing sunscreen, a hat, and staying hydrated are musts!

Following local advisories and abiding by local customs and rules while visiting nearby locations is important. The people of the Dominican Republic are known for their hospitality, so being friendly and respectful will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

With awareness and a bit of planning, your stay in Amber Cove Dominican Republic can be filled with delightful memories and devoid of safety concerns.

Amber Cove Weather

A Caribbean shore. Due to its tropical climate, Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic is a great year-round destination.

The weather here is perfect for beachgoers as the average temperature ranges between 70°F (21°C) and 90°F (32°C) all year round.

From June to November, rainfall increases, and occasional tropical storms or hurricanes may occur. However, these are usually short-lived and followed by sunny weather, so don't let it discourage your travel plans.

The driest and most popular months are December through April when the weather is slightly cooler, less humid, and you'll experience fewer rain showers. So, if you are planning to sunbathe, snorkel, or sightsee, Amber Cove's weather is often on your side. Just pack a bit of everything - swimwear, sunscreen, and a light rain jacket, and you're all set for your Amber Cove adventure!

Getting to Amber Cove - By Cruise or By Land

Amber Cove is an exclusive port of call, accessible only through Carnival Corporation and its specific cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Holland America Line. Booking a cruise that docks at Puerto Plata is essential to experience this unique destination.

The exclusivity adds a unique element to your travel adventure. Your journey to Amber Cove isn't just about the destination; it's also about the voyage, enhanced by the special amenities and experiences offered by Carnival Corporation cruises.

By making Amber Cove accessible only through its lines, Carnival Corporation ensures a unique, less crowded, and more luxurious experience for its guests.

Discover Amber Cove

Wrapping up, we hope that this guide serves as a useful tool for those planning to visit Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. With its unique blend of beauty, culture, and adventure, Amber Cove offers an unforgettable Caribbean experience. So whether you're craving an adrenaline rush, seeking cultural immersion, or just want to relax by the sea, Amber Cove has something for everyone.

We hope you enjoy your time in Amber Cove as much as we love sharing our knowledge about it! Safe travels and see you in paradise!

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Local Writer
Pablo Belliard is a writer and graphic designer from Dominican Republic. He is currently launching a new publication focused on Dominican Republic culture & tourism. His writing on Dominican cuisine has been featured on ChefsPencil.com, and he has done journalism and communications work for a Dominican Republic-based non-profit, The Bienvenido Project, as well as the creative team at Monarchy Media.

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